Mega HMB 240 tab.2 x 240 tab. (Amino acids)

Mega HMB 240 tab.2 x 240 tab. (Amino acids)

Mega Pro nutrition

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Mega hmb 1+1

Neto weight: 2 x 240 tablets (1 tablet - 800 mg).

HMB (beta-hydroxy beta-methylbarurate) is a popular dietary supplement that has received great interest in health and fitness community because of its potential to help muscle growth and recover after exercise.

Studies show that HMB can help reduce muscle disintegration. Experimental studies show that HMB can help prevent muscle degradation in various ways in cells, such as inhibiting genes and enzymes that promote muscle protein decay.

In 15 studies, the effects of HMB use 2137 people were investigated. These participants had health problems that promote muscle loss such as cancer, HIV, renal failure and malnutrition. Studies have shown that using 3-4 grams of HMB daily for 7 days to 6 months has been a much more effective effect in preventing muscle loss than placebo.

Consumption: Take 2 tablets three times a day as a dietary supplement, taking a glass of water. It is best to take 45 minutes before eating and immediately after workout. Use according to the instructions and/or special nutrition programs of an athlete. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Do not use if you are pregnant or feeding! Persons under 18 should not be used.  The dietary supplement cannot be used as a food substitute!

Storage conditions: Keep in a dark place +12 С +25 ° С. A well -packed product can be stored at dry 5 ° С - 30 ° С. When opening the package, consume within 3 months. Keep out of the reach of children. The series Best before: See. on the package. 

Manufacturer: Mega Pro Nutrition S.R.O., Czech Republic.

Distributor: UAB "Z-PROJECTS"


Ingredients:  HMB Cakalcio Beta-Hidroxy-Beta-methylbarurate, filler microcrystalline cellulium (E460), adhesive regulators: calcium phosphate, fatty acid magnesium salt, organic selenium of yeast, zinc oxide.

Ingredients in 1 tablet and serving 4 tablets, RMV*

HMB Cakalcio Beta-Hidroxy-Beta-methylbuintate

250 mg / 1000 mg


2.5 mg (25%*), 10 mg (100%*)


13.75 mcg (25%*)/55 mcg (100%*)

 *RMV - reference nutritional value

About the manufacturer

ATP Nutrition is the highest quality product group from 'MEGA PRO Nutrition S.R.O. - - a famous dietary supplement and special nutritional food manufacturer operating both in the internal market and abroad. Products are primarily aimed at difficulty in movies and strength athletes, but many products are popular with other athletes and people who love active lifestyle and healthy eating.

The tradition is twenty -three years, so the ATP Nutrition brand uses original and complex traditional recipes. The main highlight of this Premium brand has always been to create high quality products using the best ingredients from reliable internal and international suppliers.


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